By Sambus

Signal 8

There's a typhoon a'comin'. Typhoon Kalmaegi is a few hundred miles south west of HK, and is due to get a little bit closer in the next few hours. We had a stage 3 warning around lunch time today, and then rumours that it would rise to 8 came around 5.30pm. At that point there seemed to be a mass exodus, as the wind and rain started picking up. There was no hope of getting a taxi anywhere, and the roads were rammed as people headed home. A signal 8 has just been released which is the warning to batten down the hatches, and stay put. If it goes on into the morning, then HK will stay closed. I went out a lot earlier to take some pics of the mass exodus, but most people had gone, and the humidity steamed up my lens so badly that it affected the inside of the you can see!

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