A dream come true

I am sitting on the floor in front of a fire in Frieda's livingroom!!

I spent some delightful time in her crammed-full of inspiration studio where she showed me many of her art pieces, including this lovely, large painted and stamped art journal. I also spied many pieces I had made for her, on the studio walls! Later she took me to Dawyck Gardens, which I have often admired via her blips. That is where the photo of me above was taken. Heaven!

I am a bit tired as my sleep last night on the plane was really light and with the time change I landed in Edinburgh at 3:30am (my time). But, I am still hanging in there and will get a proper sleep tonight, soon! The best thing since being here is hearing her voice, a lovely mix of dutch with a slight Scottish accent, actually very beautiful. :) After 10 years of knowing each other it is lovely to be in the same room together!

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