... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Mr.: "Here I am!"

More magnificent in large ("L").

Yay, the Goosles have stopped shunning me! When I arrived at the common this afternoon the Goosles were still on the island (*sob*) so I trudged dejectedly over to Mount Pond to see if there was anything going on there. There was a heron poking about but I couldn't get anywhere near it for a decent shot, then a young pair of Egyptian geese arrived! Well, the Goosles weren't playing ball, so I took some photos of them (feeling treacherous). They were pottering about (perhaps thinking of moving in?) but kept being harassed by a cormorant, and I got some pictures of them taking off (click right from here) when it started irritating them from underwater!

I returned to Eagle Pond to wail at the Goosles, but found them on the edge (finally!) so had a lovely time taking photos of them. Jurgen (another rescuer like Ann; he's helped the Goosles before...) also happened to appear at the pond while I was taking photos so we chatted for a while which was nice and he gave me lots of news about waterfowl from nearby and slightly further afield (he and Ann caught and wormed the cygnets at Barnes last night because they're gaining weight too slowly...); he visits Eagle Pond regularly to see if all the animals are OK, and cleans the edge of the pond of tackle and litter. What a hero.

I've uploaded other shots of the Goosles and the Egyptian geese on Mount Pond to my Flickr (right from this coot).
Flapping coot
Non-Goosle Egyptian geese: Male (moulting); Female (immaculate)
Mr.: Washing; Splashing; Staring
Mrs.: Staring; Relaxing
Don't mess with Mr.

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