... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Cross Orb-Weaver with Wasp

See the reason behind its name in large ("L").
For a closer shot click here.

I had a busy day (a flying visit to Oxford...) so just nipped into the garden to get my blip: I went out with my macro lens and flash, and found this cross orb-weaver spider (AKA European garden spider, cross spider, or diadem spider) with a trapped wasp. Look at the markings on the abdomen if you're still curious about the cross/diadem references in the names. The wasp was dead and wrapped in silk. I was pleased with my photos, particularly because I was being head-butted persistently by Tank whilst taking them...

As well as the closer photo (linked above), I've uploaded another here, and one of zebra grass for those who are less keen on spiders and/or wasps.

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