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Referendum Day: Dunoon

This is my polling station - I'm sure that's what they used to be called. When did it become Polling Place? I wasn't casting my vote there today; readers of this blip will know I posted my vote several weeks ago, but I couldn't resist wandering round at lunchtime for a week look.

We now vote in the Community Centre in Edward Street, a venue I've always found dreary and uninspiring. At least when it was in the church hall up the road, you could see pickets on the pavement outside; here all you can make out through the railings is a glimpse of Alan Reid, our (Lib Dem) MP - his hand is holding something yellowish - chatting in a desultory manner to someone else I didn't recognise. Not much buzz there, then. However, there was a steady stream of voters slipping in that door to the right, almost as if they didn't want to be seen.

The best buzz of the day came when I dropped into the YES shop to pick up a couple of badges and found the small space crammed with activists planning a get-together. They were jolly and noisy, as were we when we met a couple of friends in the supermarket and entered into a lively political conversation. By the time we emerged we were frozen.

Best not to meet beside the freezers then ...

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