... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Golden (Hour) Goosle

All the more handsome in large ("L").
Back blip

I went to see the Goosles in the early evening, in the hour leading up to sunrise. The light was wonderful: it truly was "golden hour" and made for wonderful Goosle photo opportunities... They were in the shade under a large tree and surrounded by leaves; it is just a shame that they didn't stand in the shafts of bright sunlight that broke through the branches.
I've uploaded other shots to my Flickr (right from this coot).
Squealing moorhenling
Mrs. & cyclists
Mr. fussing at Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. chattering (rimlit)
Person carrying a bundle of balloons!

I also saw the new King's Cross concourse for the first time, so have uploaded some photos showing its rather intriguing structure (right from here).

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