By misswinterfinch

Adding Insult to Injury

These beet greens are washed and ready for my supper tonight. Soon after the beets started putting forth nice leaves the slugs and snails moved in.
Now, when I am ready to start eating them (too) I see how much I have had to share with the little chompers. They have their own snail bait nearby. I see them eating or doing something on the bait. But the tender greens must be too irresistible.
I gathered the leaves, stalks and all, in a willow basket. I washed everything and let the water run right through. Then I chopped the stems to stir fry and saw all the leave with sections removed as in this photo. So, okay... there's enough for all of us. These are not your pristine,conventional grocery store beet greens. This is what organic or homegrown produce often looks like.
But, after I emptied the basket and went to give it a final rinse... what was lurking in the bottom? THREE young slugs whose own supper had been interrupted. Permanently, I might add. Down the drain they went.

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