Derelict Thursday .......

......... on a Friday!

As hosted by SarumStroller ......

Oooops, I'm a bit late but, as they say, better late than never!!

I actually forgot yesterday but, after going for a blood test at the doctors' surgery this morning at 08.10, I saw this pump outside the now-closed tractor dealership and it reminded me - and it's quite unusual too.

I googled Beckmeter pumps but there wasn't a vast amount of info on them ..... :-((

Aside from a crop this is untouched.

Thank you for all the comments and stars on my little weed yesterday - appreciated as always.

(Today would have been my Dad's 90th birthday - Happy Birthday Dad)

~ Anni ~

Groan of the Day:

A man gets lost and walks into a tiny village shop and says to the shopkeeper
''Can you please tell me the quickest way to Lincoln"

The shopkeeper replies ...
''Are you driving or walking?"

"Driving" .... says the man

"Oh good" .... says the shopkeeper ... " that's definitely the quickest way!"


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