Where there's muck there's brass

Not the Robbie Williams song of the same name, at least not the next line.

This is the muck spreader we inherited with the property in 1991. It was in a derelict state then and about 4 years ago in order to make way for a greenhouse, I started to dismantle it, planning to use it as a general purpose trailer. Was put in a shed and there it has been since then and I haven't touched it.

As I mentioned a few days ago, in a chance remark while helping MrB with his tractor, the trailer has now found a new home, the first thing though was to find a tyre. MrB was busy over the weekend using his contacts and arrived this morning with a temporary replacement having cajouled a friend to lend him a wheel from his digger.

Mr&MrsB are off to South Tirol tomorrow for a few days Törggelen - as all those who paid attention in Latin, it comes from "torculus" and so is self explanatory. So while they are away I will try to clean it up a bit.

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