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By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Smallest Micro Goose

More adorable in large ("L").
Back blip

I went to St. James's Park first thing in the morning as it was still so I could film for my project! I got some decent footage (I think), and also saw the micro geese (Ross's geese). This is the smallest of the micro geese and I managed to stroke it on the head while it was grazing (it was so much softer than anticipated). They're too cute for words...

I also went to Wandsworth Common to check up on the unwell-looking Egyptian fledgling, but it was nowhere to be seen which was worrying. Its parents had re-appeared on the pond, so it is possible that it was just hiding (they'd already pushed it away, so it wouldn't hang around in its usual spot with them nearby). I hope that it reappears.

I've uploaded quite a few other shots (both from St. James's Park and Wandsworth Common).
St. James's Park (right from here).
Micro-goose Pilates [=blip alternative?]
Joining the flotilla

Wandsworth Common (right from here)
Hypnotic bokeh
Cute robin (with twiggy legs)
Flapping mallard
Seriously handsome drake
Female Egyptian goose (non-Goosle) drinking [= blip alternative?]

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