... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goosle Greetings

More devoted in large ("L").

This is the Goosles greeting each other after a few minutes' separation... They're so sweet. Mr. flew to one edge of the pond, and Mrs. got confused and flew over to one of their other grazing grounds. Mr. eventually caught sight of her and stormed over (at full-speed stomp), and they both spread their wings as they approached to give each other this exuberant greeting.

I also went to see the other pair of Egyptian geese on Mount Pond (they're a pretty little pair) as the Goosles were snoozing on the island when I first arrived (...) and have uploaded some pictures of the wildlife there (right from my blip alternative: "minimalist coot"). My third choice was this cormorant with a fish.

p.s. I've just backblipped entries for Friday (NHM visitors) and Saturday (Smallest Micro Goose). I'm going to Herefordshire for a few days so will also be back-blipping the next few days (I imagine); I'm way behind on comments/replies and will be behind for a while yet. Please bear with me!

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