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By Chamaeleo

Herefordshire: Cattle and Swans

Wild swans (the kind that don't come for "fake bread"...) in large ("L").
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I'm just back from a short break in Herefordshire, visiting a university friend. I had a splendid time: on the first day we went to Hereford Cathedral and had a quick explore of central Hereford, and then went for a walk along the River Wye near Eaton Bishop where we saw dozens of swans, wagtails (both pied and yellow), and a kingfisher! Just as we were wandering back along the river, these Hereford cows came down to the river to drink.

I've uploaded more shots to Flickr...
My Herefordshire and Wales album is here.
The other photos that I took on this day are right from Paddington Station.

Stained glass in the Lady Chapel (Hereford Cathedral)
The nave (Hereford Cathedral)
Hereford Cathedral postcard (grey day version...)
Kingfisher 1 & 2
Loads of swans

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