... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Little Little Echoes Too!

More reminiscent in large ("L").
Echo 1
Echo 2

This is "Little Little" with Little G. in the background! The Little Goosle seems to be more tolerant of it now, which is rather adorable; has its persistence paid off? Well, Mr. and Mrs. still aren't tolerant, but I think that Little Little reckons that it is a game ("Oh, Mr's so funny: I love it when he pretends that he doesn't love me and chases me away!"). Little Little is seriously quick, and incredibly cheerful and optimistic, not to mention supercute. Wow, and Little G. has developed a breast spot. What an exciting day. I visited them this morning with my mother, and then again in the early afternoon. I took loads of pictures and my first "cull" narrowed my blip choice down to 35 (d'oh); it has been tricky choosing.
I've uploaded some fun alternatives:
Goosle family portrait (Mr. had just spotted the interloper! Notice Little G's breast spot. Oh, and Mrs. was distracted by a fly, and turned to face the wrong way...)
Mr. moonwalking (What a legend! He's v. handsome...)
Mrs. conducting (She's talented, and v. pretty)
Mrs. being weird
I had so many more that I wanted to share, but hey ho...
Oh, and I caught Little G. running across the water to take off like a pro!

Ah, but wait, there's more! My 105mm macro lens arrived yesterday, and I've had such fun playing with it today; the VR clicking on and off (loudly) took me rather by surprise and made me worry that it was malfunctioning, but a quick search revealed that this is normal for the 105mm VR, it just had a very loud VR mechanism... (Anyone else?). I took photos of Tank (our tortoise) and our cats: it was fun, and I'm blown away by the sharpness and detail, but will save blipping one of my macro pics until a non-Goosle day (priorities...).

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