Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Turkey Take-Off

The six of us were collected at 8.45am and endured a three hour drive to Dalaman airport for the flight back to .gatwick, where we landed at 4.10pm

On switching on my mobile it was a lovely surprise to see that my blip from yesterday had hit the highlights. Thanks to all who gave stars and hearts.

We eventually arrived home about 8.30pm, tonight and spent some time sorting out the suitcases, and bits and pieces. I managed to get a few photo's during the journey back. The one I like most is from the take off from Dalaman airport showing one of the jet engines and Dalaman fields below.

On the way back I was quite shocked to see a military jet fly past at a tremendous speed in the opposite direction to which we were flying, maybe a couple of thousand feet below. It was to quick to photograph!

The wi-fi has been poor at the hotel. It would worse in the room sometimes and was always slow, and prone to crashing. It's nice to be home and have those issues behind me.

It was a great holiday and some new friendships made. How those will pan out over the years is anyone's guess. I think Facebook and e-mailing helps. I like them and it certainly helps me keep in touch with my own kids, never mind friends.

The next couple of days will be spent catching up with looking at blips. I did my best when away but there's only so much time you can spend when you are away.

Once again, thanks to all who visited and left stars and hearts.

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