youngies journey

By youngie66

I Can Run But You Can't Hide

And so the chase was on after work today, albeit I sat spare and didn't have to drive a train today so that was a nice easy morning. Sorry I digress from my starting write up yes oh where was I ahh right I had to take a piece of 30mm timber back to the lumber yard as the electric sander went kapuut and I decided just to take it back to get it down milled down to the right size for inserting into the fire surround as the old gas fire has gone and now an elctric LED fire that does all different colours will go in it's place instead so after I dropped that off I headed up to the cut off from the M90 that takes you to Dollar then cut off up a country lane that has an equestrian centre on and then I was hoping to get some shots of wildlife and got a couple of either Hawks, Buzzards or Eagles not sure but personally I think it's a Hawk of some kind as I'm not up on my birds of prey but hopefully some kind blipper may be able to clarify the species for me anyway I had to park the car in one of these wee passing places with it being a single track road as the noise of the car kept this bird hopping from tree to tree so I got out the car and ran yes I can run but this bird couldn't hide and Youngie ain't going knowhere until he gets his prize and finally lets call him Hawk Aye the Noo as he is Scottish heehee nestled in this Larch tree and snagged him/her yip I do know my trees though 8 years working as a gardner at Edinburgh Zoo learnt me that stuff anyway enough waffling so after a short jog I caught up to this gorgeous wee bird for this shot sitting in the Larch tree with the cones around him thankfully no cones sitting on his head though lol and although the Larch tree is a conifer it is also deciduous losing it's needles in the autumn which is what I like about Larch trees ohh and here is where I get clever (Larix Decidua) as it is one of my favorite trees I never forget it's latin name I do like my pine trees anyway Larch are more common in the Northern hemishphere and thats my gardning tips for today haha anyway the other bird I snapped had flown down into some tall sharp spiked grass and as I got close it had grabbed a big clump of Thatch or moss of some kind and was holding it with one of it's claws as it quickly flew off and was maybe rebuilding it's nest for some warmth, and as I'm off tomorrow I will pick up the wood and get the holes drilled for inserting the thick wooden insert into the fireplace make sure I have the holes in the right place then take it out to sparay it black with heat resistence paint before it's ready to go on and fix the new fire on anyway enough ramblings for today after my exhausting run along a country road now then movie for the day could have been the running man but I would rather have for my movie today "Bird Of Prey 1995" Looks good BIG as well See Ya

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