By Missycat

Mono Monday - Groceries

I had little chance to shop for groceries today, or indeed take pictures of any: after a 3 month long wait our hall floor is finally being laid (to match the new kitchen floor) and today was Varnishing Part One!

By the time I finally got around to thinking of my blip it was nearly 10pm The words groceries and grocer make me think of food shopping as it used to be - taking a walk to a local shop with a shopping basket - rather than today's hi-tech supermarket dash, so here is a basket of groceries, given a bit a treatment so that it might look a bit less mundane!

Haven't managed to post until today, Tuesday: I will try and have a look at all your lovely entries later on!

Thank you once again toWetcoastBob for your hosting over the past 2 months.

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