By CoffeePotter

A-maize-ingly empty

What a difference a week makes – plus I’m an hour earlier this week.

This is the maize field that I blipped last week across the road from our house. It's much better seen large.

Yesterday, a forage harvester arrived and chopped up the entire maize crop into little pieces, ready to make silage. All that remains is about 12 lonely plants in a row at this end of the field, where it is probably difficult to turn the machine around because of the proximity to the hedge.

This evening is kayak time again – doesn’t it come round quickly? I bet the club members are rubbing their hands in glee at the thought of the four old barging biddies in their midst once more. I’m starting to think we need protection such as the ice-hockey players wear. We might not be able to “swim 50 metres fully clothed” in that get up though!

Tomorrow will be my last day at work this week - I wish kayaking was on a Wednesday so that I could get a lie-in afterwards!

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