John Van de Graaff

By VandeGraaff

Bastille View

On our way to a Sunday afternoon concert in Paris we changed trains at the Bastille Metro station. This was the view from the westbound platform of the No. 1 line across to the opposite platform. The canal in the background is the Port de l'Arsenal, according to my detailed map. In these sorts of shots, l like to capture persons walking, as here. The person seated with the red suitcase seemed to be waiting for someone or something, since he didn't board two passing eastbound trains (during our unusually long wait).

The concert was at a small church near the Porte Maillot, performed by a guitar duo--one of the guitarists was Marie Madeleine. My wife Marylee had last seen her in 1992 during a long sojourn in Paris, she stayed with Marylee when she came to the city for weekly guitar lessons (at the age of 18). She greeted us warmly!

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