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Coate Water Park

This was my third visit to Coate Water Park, whose closeness to Swindon is noticeable only by the thrum of the M4 which lies beyond the estate. I walked clockwise around the lake, but also ventured down some side paths so that I saw different parts of the lake and other nature reserve areas and fields with cattle in them. On my first visit I had seen a great white egret but it seems it has since moved on, perhaps to return later in the year.

I photographed some very autumnal oak leaves as well as the bird life on the lake, and was pleased to get close enough to this mature grey heron to get this profile. When I took one step further to rest the lens barrel on the top of the bridge to ensure sharp focus, it gave a mighty squawk and flew off.

On the other side of the bridge I saw a pair of brownish ducks that I could not identify, but that clearly weren't mallards or tufted ducks, and got a couple of pictures. I later showed these to the Spotlight Kid, and we decided after research in books and online that they were probably juvenile scaup. These are normally sea ducks but have been sighted at Coate on rare occasions ten years or more ago.

The circular walk took about 95 minutes, and I then spent 45 minutes on a bench table near the closed café reading and enjoying the peaceful view.

Before returning home, I stopped off at John Lewis At Home for a cappuccino and chocolate cake slice paid for with a voucher.

1.10.2014 (1309 hr)

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Coate Water Park, 16 September 2014 (Flickr album)

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