River of Flowers

By doffy

Pipe Dream

If I won a few million on the lottery I would buy this beautiful property. It was built in 1635 and is described as a cottage but has about a dozen rooms, a woodland (which is the real attraction!) and is very close to one of my favourite places. I would also buy the Old Boat Repair Yard.

It rained all morning and I decided to have a bit of a drive around, did some shopping, bought myself a pair of new loppers to continue taming the brambles and pruning the bramley apple tree.

My old friend Clarence spotted me in Home Bargains, so we had to have a chat.

Breaking News: diesel is down to 129.9 pence per litre in our village garage, petrol is 126.9 pence. It's ages since it was this low!

Temperature still around the 16 degrees C, and was pleasantly warm this afternoon :-)

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