Cousteau and Paddy get along so well. When Paddy slips his chain (as he often does), he pops over for a visit. Being a farm dog, Cousteau has had to teach him the finer points of clowning around.

Paddy is a big softie and spends most of his time letting Cousteau jump on him. They are both gentle with each other and seem to enjoy the company they share. Paddy was a little confused though when Cousteau picked up a stick and started running around with it in his mouth; wanting to be chased.

That game didn't last very long.

I've started packing for my NZ trip and have done a little tidying and washing.

Off now to catch up with NB and little WB to walk the dogs.

Better dash, I'm still in track pants and haven't even brushed my hair'. The joys of living on a farm!



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