A Life of Laughter

By LaughterLover

April In Paris

After a lazy start to the day with Rory, I had to head to my displaced tutorial from Tuesday. From our whole tutorial group on a Tuesday, Kirstin and I were the only two who had chosen to go to that group, however the Thursday lot are a far more chatty group so there was plenty to talk about.

I headed back to the flat and had lunch with Rory before heading out for a spot of shopping. I wanted to go to Waterstones to spend a voucher I got for my birthday (but didn't see anything I really wanted) and Rory wanted to try on some shoes. I finally bought my thank you cards so that's something to add to my to do list tomorrow!

I headed back to uni for a lecture which ran over by almost 20 minutes and I was absolutely bursting on the toilet when it ended. Rory had been waiting outside the uni and was absolutely frozen by the time the lecture was over. We headed back into town to buy shoes and I got the most gorgeous pair of winter boots using birthday money and Rory treated himself to a new pair of Vans. I treated us to a Costa before heading back to the flat.

We had no plans for the night and were in the middle of the penultimate episode of House of Cards when the fire alarm at my accommodation went off. Instead of hanging about in the cold, I dragged Rory out for a walk. We walked past the Dundee Rep and went for a nosey to see what everyone was going to see. The lady at the front desk gave us cheap entry to the comedy show that was about to start so we headed in not knowing what to expect. It was brilliant, spontaneity really pays off. I would highly recommend you go and see April in Paris, you'll leave the theatre extremely happy!

Headed home to watch the last episode of House of Cards with a piece of birthday cake (me) and an oreo ice cream (Rory) before heading to bed as Rory needs to get up early to head back to his work!

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