<10:10 pm> INVISIBILITY test

It' s Sunday' s evening and I haven' t any idea what to capture like night image.
I' m trying to think about new updating functions which I could use.
I' m just sitting on the bridge and thinking about the stars.
Yes, the idea is coming right now.

I could try the invisibility test*. I could run this test just for 250 seconds in maximum. No more time, sorry.

Anyway try to understand that I' m passing this test for the first time.
So I could give just three stars rating to first beginner' s test with that metamaterial.
Fortunatelly I understand that every progress or ability to excellent user' s experience must be practising.

So here is the test one in quick three steps :-)

Step one makes/transfers the results of the test to blipfoto server.

Second step says : " have a good next week everybody who stopping by for the today' s test results ".

Third step means to start wearing "the usual poker face" on Monday at work where I couldn' t to be an invisible.(even after the passing this invisibility test).

Oh well, weekend off is over. Time to go sleep.

We will see what will be happening during next week ;-)

*read - Invisibility cloak could mask fighter jets

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