... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goodbye Goosles (pro tem.)

More poised in large ("L").

I went to visit the Goosles this afternoon when there was a brief lull in the rain; it was still drizzling and very grey, but I enjoyed seeing them and they weren't hiding on the island which was a relief as I won't see them again before going back to university for the term (*sob*). I chose this one because the colours reflecting on the water made it look bright in spite of it being a rather grim day...

Other Goosle shots on Flickr are right from here.
Mr. staring and fussing
Mr. being protective & Mrs. grazing
Grazing Goosles
Preening Goosles
Mr. doing Pilates [= alternative]
Mr. preening

p.s. Mr. is v. handsome...

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