Wet stuff

Today has been a bit muted - unlike this flower. Last night just before bed I checked my work email (which I don't normally do), to see a formal announcement that my employer is going to be taken over. Wondering where the $250 million in savings is going to come from concentrates the mind on a wet Monday morning.

Today's blip is a very wet fuchsia I blipped on my way into work. As you can see it's very wet but thankfully still bright and bold.

After a very muted day at work, I went along to a the second meeting of a new cycling group that is forming in Basingstoke to try and address the dismal cycling provision in the borough - which is dire even by British standards. On the up side things are so car centric and anti pedestrian/cycle in Basingstoke that any improvement at all will be a big improvement. We got back late, hence this blip is back blipped.

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