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I love photos that capture a moment and this was definitely a moment!

A moment showing extreme love.

I also had the opportunity to talk to our close family friend on the phone this evening (here and here). It was so nice to hear her voice and hearing what it was that she had to say brought tears to my eyes. She was very emotional on the phone as she was thanking me for putting into words the experience that she was going through. She is recovering from a double lung transplant and her lung functions right now are at 90% without the use of oxygen. She can walk up a hill without getting winded. The doctors tell her that she has been one of their fastest healing patients and that the transplant has been a complete success. She is still in a lot of pain however and being away from her kids and her grand baby has been very very difficult. She wanted to thank me for posting her story on blipfoto. She feels that the positive energy given from you all really contributed to her healing. She read all of your comments and the support from strangers, wonderful strangers was overwhelming. So I am thanking you all. All of you who have taken the time to ask about our dear friend and her progress. All of your thoughts and your prayers. The prayers have been answered. Our worries can cease. She is healthy again!!!!

I have backblipped


I will warn you, the journals are lengthy as the last four days have been emotionally and physically jam packed. I used this opportunity to express myself and get all of my emotions organized in front of me. It has been therapeutic for me. I really only do this for myself and for the strength and the positivity that it gives me. I also write these journals for my kids. I hope that one day they will appreciate the stories and know just how deeply that I have and will always love them. So yes, my journals can be very long but somedays, I just need them to be long. For me.

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