One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

One... two... THREE!

It is all too easy for an adult (especially of the male variety) to forget how crucial the early birthdays are.
I am so happy that you reminded me of how big a deal it is, little Mimi.
It really is a massive event for you. How delighted were you with your cards?
And with your cake on the way to play-school today?
And the anticipation of the big cake on Saturday. And the candles. And the song. And the presents. And the little video that will be watched over and over and over again: "Daddy, please put on the video of when I was three!"
Thanks for thanking Nani Brigitte in French on Skype, I know she was delighted.  

You are the best possible little girl Mum and Dad could have wished for.
I know, I know, you are our only little girl and your bros are two ruffians.
But I know deep deep down that little girls don't come much better than you.
Fiercely independent yet cuddly and loving.
Bright and articulate and fun to talk to yet not demanding constant attention.
Quietly confident yet not cocky.

It cannot always be easy to be sandwiched between two hyperactive bags of testosterone-in-the-brewing. You are well able for them though. You are.

You are still my little girl (but it is getting a little bit heavy to carry you all the way to school on my shoulders and you have promised that you would start walking when we reach the little roundabout, from next Friday. Or the next...)

Mum and Dad love you very much.
Your brothers too. They just find it harder to express it in a civilised manner. They are brothers, and that won't change...

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