One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

One... two... FOUR!

That's it Mimi. You've reached the big four oh!!!!
The one that really matters.
The one that takes for ever and ever to arrive.

Mum and Dad and the Ruffians love you very much.

We have been a bit worried about you lately. Well, Mum and Dad have, not so much the Ruffians.

We sometimes underestimate how much change affects you. How little you still are. How things can become unsettling with the realisations associated with growing up.
Having a different teachers after the Christmas break was a big deal. To us silly parents it's just another teacher. We really are quite silly.
Going to the dance/drama class was also a big big step. That was not handled very well by the "she'll be fine she's just a bit shy it won't last" dark haired teacher. Silly old bat. We should have been more careful. I ask you... a dance school co-founded by Samantha Mumba. Are we daft or what?

We'll have a great memorable birthday weekend. We will.

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