River of Flowers

By doffy

Grosvenor Garage, Menai Bridge #Anglesey

Today's blip is another favourite building of mine. I smile every time I pass it and keep thinking that I must Blip it, so today it was the only photo I took. I am fond of this garage because it is very similar to the garage which my Dad had built in 1948 - this probably dates back that far too. [MrD has just informed me that the son of our friend from a long time ago now owns this garage!

Had a quick chat with my new cousin and her daughter this morning, we have a shared passion for gardening! Also popped in to see my new friend Julie at her gift shop.

Bought a job lot of broken jewellery from the charity shop for recycling into jewellery to sell - 2 of my friends were on duty this morning.

Lunch with M, then shopping in Lidl where I bumped into MrD's cousin and her husband. So much talking, having a quiet evening now :-)

Happy weekend everyone :-)

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