Tutto bene

By Blackdrake


...we had a horrible time in London today...on purpose! Paul had a meeting so I took the girls to the Imperial War Museum to see the Horrible Histories Spies exhibition. It was about WWII spies, hugely entertaining and interesting. We had a very brief look at the rest of the museum, basically long enough to see and take photos in the main hall with the Spitfire etc. I then discovered we were a short jaunt from Borough Market which was on my to do list. It was packed but great, I found the liquorice stall and indulged a little. We walked past a bakery school, this blip is of my girls staring in the window, rather entranced by the bread making.
Back home to make dinner, have a rather large JD and put feet up.

I think tomorrow we may hit Camden...it's been years since I've been and I don't think we've ever taken the girls there. I doubt it will be as good as it used to be in my heyday, but hopefully still fun.

Time for another liquorice wheel :-)


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