Tutto bene

By Blackdrake

No Photography allowed...

...I got told off twice and there were many no photography posters up, but I'm not one for following all the rules, and I got the shot I wanted ;-)

We went to Camden, so much has changed and so much exactly as it always was, and it is bigger so there may have been a little bit of getting lost-ish.
Of course a trip to Camden is not complete without a visit to Cyberdog to worship at the day-glow/UV wonderland of clubbing days gone by (for us). The kids loved it. Amber bought herself a lovely t-shirt which will glow like crazy if she is under a blacklight and Elise bought a falls headband, with ribbons and tubes with flashing LEDs in them! They are awesome. We bought socks as a birthday pressie for a friend.

We wandered around till our feet ached, between us we had noodles, pizza, Philly cheese steaks and best of all Danish pancakes!

Feet still aching as I'm sitting here planning tomorrow.


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