Get Your Halloween Pumpkins Here!!!

Well today hasn't been the best I have ever had! First of all I accidentally trapped my poor little Minsty Mogg's tail in the bedroom door. He hissed and yowled, and I felt terrible! Then unbeknownst to me he followed me into the bathroom and fell into the toilet!

I went off to visit my parents and my MP3 player's batteries packed in as soon as I switched it on! So no music for the whole journey! My parents had had a rough night and were tired. Their medication hadn't been delivered either so I had to dash off to collect them from the village pharmacy!

Then when I came home my train did not arrive - I had to phone Bri to fetch me, and walked part of the way home

It was Grand Final night, but my team lost. They were their own worst enemies really, having had a player sent off in just the second minute of the game. They didn't play too bad but having one less player told on them in the end.

There have, of course been good things today: Minsty is fine and has forgiven me for this morning's ordeal, I've had delicious food, I'm not at work tonight and there is beer and cider in the fridge! And in my parents' village, I got this shot of pumpkins, onions, plants and bikes for sale, which made me smile!

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