Incy Wincy Spider - On Azalea

Pollard Park on an early spring morning is a magical place. I visited the gardens there today just to drink in the fresh greens, flowering shrubs, the ducks and general ambience….and to capture a blip as a bonus. The Azaleas are just starting to flower in the Rhododendron Dell. Azalea Orientalis in all its glorious shades would have to be one of my favourite shrubs. I have loved it since childhood when I and my brothers were Saturday morning pupils at the old Art School (now the Arts Centre) over the road from the Botanic Gardens in Christchurch. Some art classes were conducted on site in the Gardens. There we were tasked to paint in watercolours and I will never forget the magic of the flowering azaleas with their wonderful colours and delicate fragrance.
I was busy photographing this azalea when I a spotted a delicate and fragile spider’s web stretched out between two flowers. Walking around the shrub I discovered the creator of the web…. An incy wincy spider tucked away almost out of sight no doubt waiting for breakfast……

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