Waiting for the Light

The dogs and I were out for our walk well before sunrise this morning. There was a promise of pink in the sky to the south. I stood for quite some time…… waiting for the light. The sky did lighten up into some pretty shades of pink before quickly fading.
I needed to be home bright and early as we were expecting window-cleaners to come and clean the insides and outsides of all the windows of our house. Arrive they did, all four of them. It is a big house. They were a delightful quartet of younger folk who fell in love with our cats and dogs. Amelia, our dinky little tortie-point Birman, was a great hit…even when I took her outside to see them asking…”Do you wash down cats?” The little monkey had investigated the fireplace in one of the rooms. I had thoroughly cleaned out all the wood ash yesterday and had left the fireplace unscreened. Amelia had climbed right inside and was covered in dust and soot. Yuck…what a mess! Keith and I ended up having to bath her. She was not impressed.

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