By Lizimagiz

Towards the Ned

Parts of the country are being lambasted by severe gales. The wind howled and roared and shook the house overnight. Poor Fergus the dog must have been convinced we were having earthquakes as he howled from time to time. That meant either Keith or me getting out of bed to soothe him. Sleep was minimal.
The wind broke off a large branch of our very old apricot tree. A shame as there was a lot of fruit on it.
Massive winds are blowing in Wellington across the Strait from here. All flights from the airport are cancelled. The Cook Strait ferries have been cancelled. Power is out in various parts of the country. Fingers crossed we have go off lightly here in Blenheim so far.
The wind was still at gale strength when the dogs and I went out. There were huge rain clouds to the west and behind me to the north as we fought our way south towards The Ned. The clouds behind The Ned looked quite attractive and the poppies in the foreground made a nice display. It was pretty enough to capture before the rain started in earnest.

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