... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Covered Market: Cafés

More atmospheric in large ("L").

This is the avenue in the market with the most cafés: Brothers is to the right, "The Oxford Cafe" is opposite, and there is also Georgina's (which is above Brothers). None do decent coffee; they do perfectly nice tea, cakes, and sandwiches (&c.) though so are not without their uses. Of the Covered Market cafés, I only really go to Brothers (from time to time); Georgina's is run by the same people (I think) and is in quite a fun space, but is less café-ish and more of a student lunch-spot.

I reckon that I've another Covered Market shot coming up: I saw an angle that I liked, but the light didn't suit it today.

p.s. I like the appearance of all the thumbnails together if you search blip for my Covered Market blips!

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