By cracker

Gazing out to sea

Went visiting today, Pop, Nana and Aunty May. Spencer impressed them by being able to recognise the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, H, O, Q, S and X, as well as the numbers 2 & 3! He is 2 in three weeks!

We met Mum and Dad at my brother's beach house in Sandy Point this afternoon. We went for a walk to the beach and Dad played with Spence in the shallows while I took photos!

Spence is recently starting to get up and move around when we read him stories. Mum was reading Spence a book before bed tonight and he stayed with her for the whole book, even resting his head on her shoulder at one stage! It was a beautiful moment!

We are so lucky that Spence still has 5 grandparents, 3 that he sees frequently (the other 2 live in Tasmania). They are all still young enough to be able to play with him, and he loves it!

Today's blip is Dad and Spence gazing out to sea together, it reminded me of this except they are in opposite poses in this one!

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