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Caen Hill Locks

When I checked out the flight of locks at Caen Hill last time to see the three remaining cygnets, I ended up blipping a heron, so I resolved not to be swayed from my true purpose on this return visit. Both parents were in attendance and the one cygnet that accompanied them was later joined by a second. I don't know whether this is Eeny, Meeny or Miney, or if the third later joined them. It won't be long before all three will strike out on their own to stake a territory and look for a mate, and they will be strongly encouraged to move on by the adult pair.

This cygnet was pecked at by the cob swan while grazing on the bank, if he strayed too close, but didn't seem bothered.

16.10.2014 (1608 hr)

Blip #1400
Consecutive Blip #000
Day #1657
LOTD #635 (#755 including archived blips)

Caen Hill Lock By Café
Caen Hill Locks

A Visit To The Caen Hill Flight, 7 October 2014 (Flickr album)

Lenses: Lens: Pentax 55-300 mm (Blip), Pentax 18-55 mm

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Laura Marling - Blues Run The Game (Live From York Minster) (recorded 22 October 2011)
I had a week in April 2013 of having versions of this song as my Lozarhythms of the Day, so when Laura Marling's CD A Creature I Don't Know arrived in the post on this day with a second bonus live CD that included this performance it became an automatic selection.

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