It's Derelict Thursday and it wasn't raining so we zoomed off to inspect more decrepitude that we'd notice on last week's excursion. We found two very interesting old farmhouses side by side, closed and melancholy - Himself chose one of the doors as his blip.
I went off to investigate another, now used as a storage area for hay bales. The farmer passing by with his very smelly manure bowser, but he had left his alsation dog in situ. I didn't linger.
Next up we decide to try to explore the other old school we had seen last week. It was surrounded by a natural moat of springs and a dense wall of briars, frustratingly impossible to get into, but I did clamber up onto a bit of old wall and peer into the little building in what was once the yard. look closely for this school was posh enough to have a water closet - in fact two, presumably one for the boys and one for the girls. Admittedly rather simple affairs, a wooden seat above a drop which I suspect led straight into the stream. The wooden seats remain! The school was Derreennalomane National School, built in 1893 according to the datestone and was very similar in appearance to last week's at Dunbeacon . The Principal in 1914 was a Mr John Mahony. That's all I've found out so far.

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