Balloon & Buoys

A truly ghastly day weatherwise - near gales and torrential rain. I put on my wellies and ventured out in to the Fairy walk - they'd been busy but the celebratory balloon is look a bit wrinkly and deflated by now - aren't we all! A final big happy 10th birthday to Blip.

Posting late as I braved the weather and went over the mountain to Ballydehob which is having an Art & Culture weekend. All the pubs, (and there are quite a lot of them) and shops have some kind of art displayed and I went especially to see the Vespertine Quintet. We all squeezed into the Ballydehob Social centre for some wonderfully melancholic and soporific music -a blend of Icelandic and Avro Part. Things will continue into the night I suspect.

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