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Point to the Light House

Woke up this morning with a Coastguard helicopter flying back and forth low overhead looking for some poor old chap that had went missing yesterday from Portree; thankfully found safely this afternoon after spending a night out in the wilds.

Final day touring the island (for this visit anyhow, will most definitely be back) and another failed attempt at finding dinosaur footprints on the beach, before wending our way out to the most westerly point on Skye to take some photos down by breezy Neist Point and the abandoned lighthouse there. It's another one of these places that has been photographed to death but it was a good excuse to get out for some properly fresh air.

It's been a fantastic, packed week out here, the unseasonably and un-Misty-Isle-like weather no doubt adding to the enjoyment. I'm still unable to pronounce most of the place names on the signs we've passed, but now completely fluent in the international left handed wave direct off of the steering wheel that's de rigueur in the many passing places on the many, many miles of scenic single track roads that criss-cross the island.

Loved it. Thoroughly recommended.

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