Ada Lovelace Day 2014

Today is Ada Lovelace Day. We celebrated women in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine at Edinburgh Napier University with a dinner at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Our guest of honour and inspirational keynote speaker was Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell. I was one of the other speakers, and spent most of the day preparing my presentation (and none exercising - again!)

One of the goals of Ada Lovelace Day is to write into history female scientists who have been overlooked. For this reason all the tables at the dinner were decorated with details of women whose names should be as well known as Fleming and Einstein. My blip is of the decoration for the table where I was seated (along with Dame Jocelyn, our female Principal and Vice Chancellor, the female Dean of my faculty, the female director of Equate Scotland, three female research students, and one of our female alumna, who is an award-winning journalist).

I'm pleased to report that the evening was a great success :-)

Exercise today: none

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