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By Seoirseo

The Same Old Story

This was a protest against the illegal development of land, designated as protected for reasons of environmental importance.

A place called La Barranca (Canyon). A rare piece of (unfortunately, quite spoiled) waterway in the city.

Also, land whose public ownership has been disputed by the family (or interests) of the original landowner who gifted the land to the city back in the the early 1900's (I believe).

I discovered all of this as a result of walking Apollo round my neighbourhood. where there is a public park, which sits on said disputed land also. And if the ownership can be overturned, then it will become high-end apartment blocks!

This would mean the destruction of what is considered a rare gem by the local residents here, who have been fighting against this for many years now. And have organised themselves into various groups.

Of late, I've been acting as the photographer for one, known as Parque Reforma Social. They send me here and there to take photos of the area and of them protesting. It's good fun, they're good people and it's a worthy cause.

It's also been great getting acquainted with another side of Mexican life.

Sign reads: "Don't allow this ecocide for personal gain!"

#parquers on Twitter (in Spanish).

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