The Old Meg Flour Mill

This windmill is in my parents' village. It was built in 1867 to be used to grind flour from grain. It has 6 storeys, and had six sails and was tarred. The tar coating has worn away and the sails are gone, along with the white onion - shaped dome and fantail that originally sat on top. Apparently there is still some of the mechanism inside in a damaged state.

There is no public access to the mill unfortunately. It is a grade 2 listed building, and according to my Dad is owned by a local guy who stubbornly refuses to either do anything with it or sell it to someone who would. The National Trust wanted to take it on but he wouldn't have it. It was apparently the subject of a bitter inheritance dispute between the family of the last person who had it working, and it last worked around 1930, so it has been left to decay for some time which is a great shame in my view.

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