... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goosles: "Oh, it's you...!"

Goosle surprise in large ("L").
Back blip

I went back to London for the weekend, and saw the Goosles on Sunday morning :o) They were being good Goosles (not hiding on the island), and were looking resplendent, even though Mr. was moulting so looking slightly patchy.

I also visited St. James's Park in the afternoon and took loads of photos of the various birds there.
I've uploaded more shots to Flickr.
Goosles (right from Goosles Grazing)
Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. is v. handsome (even when moulting)

St. James's Park (right from this splashing gull).
Black-headed gull resurfacing
Lots of birds!
Ross's Geese: Microgeese! (being fed); Funny little microgoose; Microgeese = Cow geese (lowing)
Bar-headed goose: in step; with people; proud
Black-headed gulls: "Food?"; "Uh oh!"; full span
Wigeons: Pair; Cute female; Cute male

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