A Life of Laughter

By LaughterLover

Tea On The Go

I've come to the conclusion that I can't do mornings without a cup of tea to start the day, and this morning I had no milk so that went straight out of the window.

My first uni lecture went somewhat over my head, although it was about literature so you'd think I'd have been loving it. I popped into Tesco to do my weeks shop and then headed back to the flat for lunch, Grey's Anatomy and to do some reading.

I headed back into uni, armed with a cuppa in my travel mug, to a tutorial telling me what to include in my coursework for the module. One of the girls decided that she'd eat her incredibly disgusting smelling soup during the tutorial which was in an exceptionally stuffy room to begin with....both me and the group of friends I was sat with were not amused.

The second lecture of the day was focused on genocide, namely the Holocaust and Rwanda, which was really interesting. Back to the flat to do my reading for tomorrow's tutorial.

Rory separated his shoulder again during the night so he paid a visit to the hospital today and is having to go in to get intensive physio....certainly doesn't sound pleasant!

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