Penguin Droppings

By gen2

Flour Mill (Reflection)

Late this afternoon, the clouds edged south, revealing a blue sky and an orange sun.

Down at Kirkcaldy harbour, the water was almost calm, reflecting the flour mill almost perfectly.

This building is CARR'S Hutchisons Mill, the top of which was still in the sunlight as it waited for a fresh supply of grain from the 'Danica Hav' which was entering the harbour behind me. It had just arrived with grain from Helsingborg (Sweden).

Danica Hav

Gross Tonnage: 1536
Deadweight: 1720 t
Length × Breadth: 82.48m × 11.38m
Draught 4.3m
Year Built: 1984

It is a tight fit in our small harbour.

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