Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Cold Stone, Glow in the Dark Golf and Teppanyaki.

aka Food, Fun and Friends!

SweetArt's last day and a day off work for me... A very necessary lie-in was enjoyed by both. We then went to a cafeteria in Karama to have an omelette sandwich, visit my tailor for my new jacket, got Gs car washed, and then met up with Brenda and Minna for lunch at Galeries Lafayette. Hong Kong not having too much American influence, the girls have been fascinated by familiar brands they are seeing here, so... a Cold Stone ice cream was an absolute MUST. I just took pictures!

Back home to pick up G and Sandy's suitcase and we decided there was time for a round of Glow in the Dark mini-golf! Fun! Think Sandy actually won overall despite having to keep up with the scores, as to speed things up, we just went on to the next hole.

That done, the girls really wanted to try Teppanyaki at the Hyatt Regency Dubai so we braved Thursday night traffic to get across town. Amazingly, we made it and it was fantastic as always! Such good fun. Food and entertainment together! We even finished with plenty of time for a mini photo shoot in the lobby. Got back to the hotel to pick up Minna & Brenda's cases and this is where the fun really began. My Volvo has a big boot, but even it was tested tonight! With a bit of juggling, we managed to fit everything in and still had over 30 minutes left, allowing us to call into a Brands for Less shop on the way to the airport! Only in Dubai...

Everyone safely delivered on time and without any stress whatsoever, and as I am finishing this write-up on Friday afternoon; I can confirm they have all reached home in HK safely. :D

Penultimate day for BCAM. I hope you have been clicking here every day to donate mammograms to those who can't afford them. Perhaps you've even subscribed to be reminded daily by email. I think it really makes a difference. Thank you! :)

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