The Sad Tale Of Cannelle (Cinnamon) The Bear

It has become a family tradition that my granddaughter and I carve a pumpkin together. I used to draw my own designs but Tilda has taken over as creative director. We had to choose today between the Mona Lisa, a meerkat, Snoopy and a grizzly bear.

I chose the bear as I have been thinking about them. There was an article in the paper about the danger people are courting in America by trying to get selfies with bears in the frame.

I was talking to my sister, who lives in the foothills of the Pyrenees, about Cannelle the last female bear of the Pyrenean line which is a sub-species of Ursus arctos, the same family as the grizzly. Cinnamon was shot by wild-boar hunters and has now been stuffed. :(

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