The train

With £2.10 just in case I needed to catch the train back from Ilkley, I set off on my bike for a short circuit.  Apart from thumping myself in the chest (just the once (I do learn)), changing the tyres last night was easier than I had anticipated.  

To say my legs didn’t feel the strongest in the world this morning would be an understatement but by the time I’d reached Otley, they had warmed up a bit.  The early light was glowing beautifully on all of the trees and I did have to stop twice for a photo.  I can see scrutinizing the landscape whilst on wheels could become a bit of a hazard.  Rich chose this one but I like it too because that jagged hole reminds me of my knees.

The iron bridge was a shortcut and I knew I’d get a raised eyebrow if I turned back there so I headed into Ilkley, still with the option of motorised transport home. But I was actually enjoying myself!  I headed back the flat way (although don't let me give you the impression I took a hilly route out!) and all gears were happily used.  

I wasn’t going like a train.
But nor did I catch one.

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